Hey! Original Storytelling is a creative and strategic communications firm. We specialize in compelling and insightful video storytelling. At Hey! Original Storytelling our goal is simple: to grab viewers’ attention in the first 3 seconds and never let it go.

We do this by gleaning insights we learn from people like you. Our clients know their company and brand better than we do. Strong partnerships are our secret sauce. We learn where you’re positioned in the market – relative to your competitors. We learn where you want to be positioned. Our team of former television journalists are also formally trained in creative advertising – so we’re able to be spot on with your strategy before we draw up a storyboard, begin crafting a script, or turn the cameras on.

Taking beautiful pictures is just one piece of the puzzle. Every sound bite, every letter of text, each animation and every shot are strategically focused on contributing to the message and tone you want to share with your audience. We develop campaigns from start to finish. We work with clients in many industries, and we love to tell compelling stories that connect with people both intellectually and emotionally. Our clients do special things, and we help cultivate their “sweet spots,” and then create a megaphone to share their good news.

Each client is different, and each story is unique. Whether we’re using our licensed drone pilots, time-lapse video, animation, mood lighting on location or green screen in our studio - we’re equipped to get you the compelling visuals you want – and we think what makes us different are our combination of communication strategy and story crafting.

Whether you need a recruiting piece, an educational series, a short profile piece, drone footage, a live-streamed event, a full-scale documentary, or something much smaller – Hey! Original Storytelling is here to partner with you to create stories your audience will share with others and watch more than once.

Our Capabilities

  • Video Storytelling

  • Drone Photography

  • Creative Campaign Development

  • Livestreaming and Event Production

  • Studio Production

My organization needed videos that capture the essence of what we do for people who have disabilities, while providing blend of both information and emotion into the storylines. Donny Rowles was able to do that magnificently. I highly recommend Donny’s work and we plan to utilize his services again in the future.
--- Brian Hale, Bear Creek Services



Our research-based process is focused on you. Your goals. Your targets. Key communication points. Conversion goals. Your ROI priorities. We shine light into every corner, and learn as much as we can about what's most important to you.


Our research pays off, as now we know exactly what to focus on, whom we're speaking to, how to speak to them; and why, where and when your audiences will engage with the work. Now, we’re ready to create.


Now we use all the creative tools at our disposal. Imagery. Music. Animation. Tone. Color. Human energy. And the most important of all, Story.

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