Matthew Hurt – a Minnesota blue-chip talent

Matthew Hurt is the best basketball player in Rochester history. This piece tells his story from when he began playing, up until choosing which blue-chip college to attend.

Fortress Financial Group

Fortress Financial Group is a growing financial advising firm here in Rochester, Minnesota. We were fortunate to get to tell the story of their growing team.

Deutsch Furniture Haus

We produced this piece for Deutsch Furniture Haus. We wanted to highlight the unique nature of their furniture, and who makes it.

Jarvis Johnson Miracle

Jarvis Johnson is one of the most talented basketball players in the world. Some say it’s a miracle that he is alive today.

Fallen Officers of Southeast Minnesota

This piece tells the story of officers from southeast Minnesota who’ve made the greatest sacrifice.

Downtown Rochester’s Transformation

2016 was a momentous milestone for the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce as the organization celebrated their 150th year in Rochester’s history

IntelliGym Hockey

IntelliGym is a software training program that teaches hockey players how to be both safer, and better hockey players. It improves situational awareness, allowing players to make faster decisions, and avoid injuries.

More than a Tournament

Michael Hurt is heading to the University of Minnesota next year. This year, the John Marshall senior is playing in the Holiday Classic Tournament in Rochester – and his family has the deepest of connections to the tournament.

Rochester Community and Technical College

The Rochester Community and Technical College has a wealth of programs – including technical ones.

YMCA Strong Kids Program

The Rochester YMCA’s Strong Kids program helps kids participate in programs they can’t afford. It’s empowering, enriching and fun.