Video. Television advertising, web videos, full-length documentaries, training videos, personal profiles, education pieces and videos for interactive kiosks. Event promotion videos, tribute and commemorative videos. We also do civic event videos. We tell stories. Short ones, long ones. Stories about places, technologies and events. Stories about people who aspire, inspire, do interesting things, important things, fun things. We tell stories with HD video, top-notch graphics, compelling music, and people like you.

Social Media. Social media can really help spread the word about you, your business, or your organization’s mission. If done smartly, it can put real wind at your sails, and video’s a great way to communicate on social media. We believe interactivity, knowing your participants, and going heavy on pre-planning are all essential when it comes to developing a social media campaign.

Copywriting and Advertising Strategy. Whether you need copywriting for your website, print media, or any other form of media, we can write content and develop advertising that’s in line with your brand position and your communication strategy.

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