• Storytelling through video

    This is what we do. Compelling. Smart. Emotionally engaging.
    We’re former tv journalists and strategic advertising professionals, who’ve also spent 20 years in production. We dig for story gold and with your help we can find it. Our goal here is simple: to grab viewers’ attention in the first 5 seconds, and never let it go.

    Thinking of using video to tell your story? Let’s talk about possibilities!

  • Animation

    From traditional animation to white board to stop motion, we’re ready to move your audience through beautiful, fun animated images…and story.

    Looking to explore the possibilities of animation? Let’s talk.

  • Documentary segment production

    Documentaries are what we’d be making if we knew how to raise money to produce them. We’re too busy working, but if you’re reading this and you have a documentary story you want to tell and funding to produce it – we could talk about your dream and vision for your story. Please reach out.

  • Drone Photography

    We’re licensed and ready to fly high to capture images that can showcase your location, highlight your brand, or tell your story in ways that only drone shots can. If you’d like more information about your crops, your development site, or a natural resources area – let’s connect. If you want to show off your hotel, car dealership, your restaurant, or your small business in dramatic ways, we should really already be working together.

    Need some aerial photography? Let’s talk.

  • Creative Campaign Development

    With formal training in creative advertising strategy – this is our origin story. We take pride in coming up with creative campaigns that grab, connect, resonate and have staying power. Need a strategic campaign developed for a specific audience?

    Let’s brainstorm together.


    Are you planning a special event? Something fun and visual? Something where you’ll be “breaking” some news? Something important enough, that you want to leverage content from the event, while sharing it live with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of interested people who can’t attend in person?
    Give us a call.


    We’re here. Downtown. Rochester. Come join us. Share your story, your discovery. The stage is yours and the mic is always hot. We aren’t sure what that last thing means either. Maybe it means you’ll be HEARD, here. Would you like to share your passion with a global audience while looking and sounding your absolute best? Please reach out.