This is what NBA talent, looks like.


Matthew Hurt is a super-talented kid. Maybe as talented as any Minnesota basketball player, EVER. Given that, and given the current gold-rush of today’s NBA – Hurt may soon be both playing basketball at its highest level, and wealthy, all before he turns 21.

This story is about Matthew being courted as one of the top basketball recruits in the country, the impact of one sentence from Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, Hurt’s love of the game, and the family he comes from.

Growing up in Minneapolis, and being a huge fan of not only Michael Jordan but also the basketball players at my high school – (Minneapolis’ De La Salle) – basketball was a big part of my life from about age 13-23. My friends (Tom Wurdock, Conor Donnelly, Chris Remerowski, Dave Parrish) and I loved to play the game. That love connects everyone who plays, whether they play for fun, or for a basketball powerhouse like Duke.

So when I realized I may be able to tell the story of a young man whose life is literally what so many young basketball players dream about, I was all in.

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