Lives in Isolation: Getting outside is the key for one Rochester family.


At Hey! Original Storytelling, I tell stories. I work with clients and time-tested communication strategies to write and produce compelling stories, usually through video, and often for television. The strategy depends on each individual client’s situation, needs, strengths, position in the marketplace, and more.  What makes a strong story? It depends on where the story is being shown, who the audience is, and what the purpose or goal of a piece, is. Sometimes it’s simply to inform. Sometimes it’s to introduce or highlight the benefits of a client’s new product or service. Sometimes it’s to tell an individuals’ story. Below is a written piece created to try to share some insights and “life hacks” for dealing with the social isolation that’s inherent for most of us, with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

about what one family is doing to be healthy and happy during the Covid-19 pandemic.